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Parent Involvement Policy

The Parent Involvement Policy has been developed with the collaboration of all stakeholder groups.  It was presented to the Advisory Committee and to the School Site Council for their feedback and recommendations and then was finalized and approved by those governing bodies.  This policy is updated and distributed annually. Distribution methods will include: postings, insertion in enrollment packets and as an individual document when required by Title I or District mandates.


Policy Involvement: Involvement of Parents in the Title I Program

In order to involve and include parents in the Title I program at Rosa Parks Learning Center, the following practices will be performed:

*Rosa Parks L. C. will hold an Annual Title 1 meeting at the beginning of the school year to address the Parent Involvement Policy, their rights under Title 1, school rules, opportunities to get involved, and how they can assist with planning, reviewing, and improving Title 1 programs in the school.

*Rosa Parks L.C. will convene a flexible number of meetings for parents of Title I students to ensure the highest percentage of parents are to attend.  Meetings to include: Back to School Nights, Open House events, School Site Council and School Advisory Council meetings, Coffee with the Principal, and Family Events with a particular focus.

*Each year, parents of Title I students will participate in the planning, review and revisions of the Parent Involvement Policy, School-Parent Compact, and the Single Plan during School Advisory Council and School Site Council meetings and through the parent survey.

*Parents receive timely information about Title I programs and upcoming events during council meetings, informal and formal conferences with teachers, Back to School Nights, Open House events, Coffee with the Principal, through the use of Blackboard Connect Ed calls, written notices, and the monthly school Husky Press newsletter.

*Rosa Parks L.C. provides parents of Title I students with explanations of the curriculum, academic assessments, and levels of proficiency expected in Language Arts, Math, and ELD and educational progress during council meetings, informal and formal conferences with teachers, Back to School Nights, Open House events, Coffee with the Principal, Blackboard Connect Ed calls, written notices, and through the monthly school newsletter.

*Rosa Parks L. C. provides parents of Title I students, if requested, with opportunities to participate in decisions relating to the students’ education.  Opportunities include:  parent/teacher conferences, parent/administrator meetings, parent/coordinator meetings, School Site Council and School Advisory Council meetings, and parent surveys.


Shared Responsibilities for High Student Academic Achievement: School-Parent Compact


Rosa Parks Learning Center has jointly developed with parents, a school-parent compact that describes students’, parents’, and teachers’ responsibilities to support student academic achievement. This document outlines how the parents, school staff, and students must share the responsibility for improved student achievement.  This compact shall be reviewed annually, modified as needed with the parent advisory committee and School Site Council, and distributed and explained to all Title I students and their parents.   The document describes the responsibilities and other important items as follows:

*The responsibility of the staff of Rosa Parks Learning Center is to provide a rigorous, high-quality academic program that enables students to meet the Common Core State Standards and provides a safe, nurturing learning environment for all students.

*The responsibility of the parents is to support student learning by monitoring homework and homework logs, school attendance, participation in after-school curricular activities, television time, provide a learning environment at home, and making good decision’s relating to their child’s education.

*The responsibility of the students is to complete homework, try his/her best, ask for assistance when needed, read everyday, and increase their academic achievement.

*Consistent ongoing communication needs to take place between all three parties at least twice a year during formal parent/teacher conferences and other informal opportunities. Formal progress reports are given to parents three times a year. The classroom teacher and/or program coordinator will provide frequent academic progress monitoring reports to parents.

*Parents of Title I students have reasonable access to the staff, volunteering opportunities, and observing inside the child’s classroom when prearranged with the teacher, office personnel, and school administrator.


Building Capacity for Involvement


Rosa Parks Learning Center ensures effective involvement of Title I parents in meaningful interactions with the school.  The school community encourages and supports a partnership among parents, the community, and staff in an effort to improve student academic achievement.  The school’s plan for engaging and supporting parents/guardians’ participation includes:

*Rosa Parks L. C. provides parents of Title I students with assistance in understanding the Common Core State Standards, multiple assessments, how to improve their child’s academic achievement and how to progress monitor during meetings, workshops, or parent trainings.

*Rosa Parks L. C. provides materials and training to support parents as they work to improve their child’s learning and achievement through classes and workshops offered in the Parent Center, included in the enrollment packet, or during the School Advisory Council and School Site Council meetings

*Parents are able to participate in school functions by helping with supervision, decorations, planning, setting-up and cleaning up.  Parents are always welcome in the Parent Center to discuss needs of their children and how to improve our school’s environment.

*Rosa Parks L.C. will educate staff, with the assistance of Title I parents, in ways to communicate with and work with parents as equal partners in the child’s education by providing staff meetings that focus on that topic.  Parents will receive training on the same during School Advisory and School Site Council meetings.

*Rosa Parks L.C. will coordinate and integrate the Title I parental involvement program with other programs to encourage and support parents in the education of their children with the assistance and use of the Parent Center.

*Rosa Parks L.C. will provide information to parents of Title I students in a language they will understand and offer translation services for any parental involvement activities when needed.

*Provide support to parents of Title I students when requested by referring to outside resources when services or assistance is not available at school.

*Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer time for the improvement of school facilities and school programs under the supervision of district employees, including, but not limited to, providing assistance in the classroom with the approval, and under the direct supervision, of the classroom teacher.

*Notify parents immediately, if their child is absent from school without permission.

*Provide the results of their child’s performance on standardized tests and statewide tests and information on the performance of the school that their child attends on standardized statewide tests.

*Promote a school environment that is safe and supportive of learning.

*Provide information about the curriculum materials of the class in which their child is assigned.

*Inform parents of their child’s academic progress during parent conferences and be informed of the appropriate school personnel whom they should contact if problems arise with their child.

*Provide access to parents of their child’s school records.

*Provide information concerning the academic performance of standards, proficiencies or skills their child is expected to accomplish.

*Inform parents in the yearly opening bulletin about school rules, attendance policies, dress codes, and procedures for visiting the school.

*Provide information and grant permission for any psychological testing the school does involving their child (Parent Rights and Guidelines).

*Encourage participation as a member of a parent advisory committee, (School Site Council, or Site-based Management Leadership Team) in accordance with any rules and regulations governing membership in these organizations.







Rosa Parks Learning Center provides all Title I parents including those with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children opportunities to fully participate in school sponsored activities.  The school makes this possible through the following ways:

*By providing translation at all meetings, workshops, and all other school events.

*By sending written notices and reports in the language (following district guidelines) that parents understand.

*Rosa Parks L. C. is a total school community in which all stakeholders work together without accessibility issues to educate students academically and socially in an atmosphere that is respectful of our culturally diverse population.  The school provides an environment that is healthy, safe and clean.  Students are encouraged to work to their potential so that they are able to function as independent, educated and self-sufficient members of society.

*By providing opportunities for parents to work in a mutually supportive and respectful partnership with schools and to help support their children’s academic and social development will be met in the following ways: (a) School Site and Advisory Council meetings, (b) parent center workshops, (c) parent conferences and special events, and (d) PTA functions.


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